Tips to Relieve your kid’s Dental Anxiety

Lisa is an 11-year-old girl, has a younger brother, Brandon who is 3 years old. Brandon enjoys his dental visits every time. Lisa on the other hand has never been comfortable during all her appointments. Their mother later learned that introducing Brandon to the dentist as early as he had his first baby tooth which […]

What’s the Difference? Teeth Cleaning vs Whitening

Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are two types of dental procedures that confuse patients. However, these procedures and their goals are actually quite different. The primary goal of teeth cleaning is to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The main objective[…]

Tips to Keeping Healthy Teeth in 2019

It’s the month of new resolutions and keeping your teeth healthy could be the easiest one to keep this year. You may already have a regular dentist and a daily routine, but you might be missing some key opportunities to improve your smile. Start a Routine of Proper Daily Care Brushing your teeth regularly is […]

Things you should know about Mouthwash

A question that many of our patients ask us is “Should I be using mouthwash?” We’re glad they do ask, because patients should consult their dentist or oral health practitioner before using any mouthwash. The fact is, mouthwashes may mask the evidence of dental or other health problems. The most common of these is bad […]

Root Canals Really for Children: Yes? No?

The words “root canal” still strikes fear into the hearts of many. What happens if you find out that your child needs one too? If a tooth is severely injured or decayed, your child’s dentist may recommend doing a root canal treatment. Is root canal for children truly necessary? Is it the best solution to […]