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It is an education arm of Molars that educates/trains individuals on oral hygiene.

We apply a one-on-one instructor-led approach to the training which enables the participants to better retain their knowledge.

Every Saturday between 8:00am-10:00am

The training will be delivered in a 30mins window per patient or group with a maximum of 4 participants per group. So, feel free to invite a friend. But they need to book an appointment as well.

The training takes place at either of our Branches at CBD or Lenana. You can check our website for directions or call any of our numbers for more information.

Our Doctors and Nurses have been trained effectively and are excited at the opportunity to pass on this knowledge. You will always have a Doctor & Nurse in the room.

The training is open to anyone who is interested in improving their hygiene or has been recommended for the same by their doctor.

Participants will receive the necessary materials for the sessions, which they will take with them once the session is over.

You can use this link to book a Sparkle Appointment.

To support our patients and the public in managing their oral hygiene.