Dental Fillings for Kids: Types, Process, and Preparation

Studies have shown that 4 out of 10 children experience dental fear. Some of the biggest worries children experience leading up to the procedure include fear of the dentist’s drill, fear of injections, and fear of choking on one of the instruments.

Kids are significantly less anxious about dental treatment after their first visit. But what can you do if this is your child’s first visit? At Molars Dental Practice we believe that the best way to prepare yourself for a procedure is to educate yourself as much as possible.

If your child needs dental fillings, here’s what you need to know about the procedure.

Types of Dental Fillings for Children

A child’s smile is important to everyone: to them, to their parents, and to us. We often use tooth-coloured filling materials to restore your child’s smile. The material is known as composite resin and it makes any work that was done, basically unnoticeable.

If the fillings are invisible, the child won’t have to worry about being teased in school or being commented on by strangers. This material works on everything from baby teeth to permanent, adult teeth. Composite resin is used by our dentists for several reasons, including:

  • In comparison to other dental filling materials, it is more durable.
  • Requires less work on the tooth than standard metal fillings.
  • Teeth sparkle and look healthier thanks to composite resin’s translucent appearance.
  • It can also be used as a fissure sealant for children’s permanent molar teeth.

However, the material isn’t necessarily great for every child. Our doctor will examine your child first to see whether the composite resin is good for them. If that’s the case, we’ll look at some alternatives before coming up with the best solution.

How are Fillings Placed Inside the Child’s Teeth

Before filling any cavities, kids are allowed to get acclimated to our office. Our doctor will let them look around and sit in the chair for a couple of minutes before doing any work. If this doesn’t have a calming effect on the child, our dentists have other methods. Our dental paediatrics have child-specific training therefore they can communicate with children in an effective, gentle, and non-threatening manner.

Oral sedation will remedy the child’s anxiety and calm them down. The area around the tooth will be numbed with an anaesthetic. After that, tooth decay can be removed easily, and the filling can be put in place.

As soon as the shape of the tooth is formed, a special blue light is placed on top of it, making it harder in mere seconds. Finally, additional adjustments can be made if the child feels like the tooth isn’t shaped right or has trouble biting.

How to Prepare Your Child for Dental Fillings

Children are usually numbed before the procedure starts. As such, they can feel less pain when receiving a filling and also during preparation for the fillings. Of course, they still may feel a strange sensation when water is sprayed inside their mouth and all over their teeth.

The overall process is quick and mostly painless. It usually takes about two weeks for sensitivity to taper off, but it will gradually decrease over time. You need to discuss everything we mentioned in this post with your child to prepare them for the procedure.

Improve Your Child’s Smile at Molars Dental Clinic

We provide great dental care for children of all ages. No matter how severe the case is, our paediatric dentists will ensure that your child goes to the procedure without feeling any pain or anxiety. Our paediatric dentists know how to make your child’s visit fun. Most of our patients can’t wait to come back. Imagine — a child who wants to go to the dentist. Now that’s something to smile about!

Get the Help You Need.

Contact our office if you need help with your child’s dental filling. As durable as they are, dental fillings eventually need replacements, and you can trust our team to be right here when you need them at any stage of the treatment.

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