Everyone wants a beautiful smile, right? As the saying goes, ‘’A smile is the most memorable feature
after first meeting someone.’’ But very few of us are born with sparkling white, well-shaped,
“perfect teeth.” A smile makeover is the process of improving, or perfecting, the look of your smile
through the use of different cosmetic dental procedures.
What can your dentist fix with a smile make over?
A Smile Makeover may include one or several of the following:
Restoring missing teeth, replacing fillings and crowns, repairing chipped or decayed teeth, Whitening
teeth, aligning the bite, changing the contour of the teeth and gums
What is the difference between a smile makeover and a full mouth reconstruction? A smile
makeover involves one or more primarily cosmetic dental procedures to improve the appearance of
your teeth and gums. A full mouth reconstruction is a much more invasive process by which the jaws
are totally rebuilt and restored, typically after years of significant dental health problems.
A dental crown placed over a damaged tooth provides not only a more visibly appealing smile but
also a more visible, vibrant, and confident person. Crowns are made from several different
Metal, resin, ceramic, & porcelain
Molars proudly uses CEREC technology to fabricate the ideal dental crown for your smile. CEREC
utilizes advanced 3D CAD imaging software and milling equipment to design and create a crown. This
procedure can be done in just one visit in our practise.
Porcelain veneers are thin shells that cover the front surface of discoloured, cracked, or broken
teeth. They are bonded permanently to the tooth, giving a more natural and durable result.
Veneers are a trendy option to improve the appearance of your smile. However, they also require a
portion of your enamel to be removed to accommodate your bite.
Some patients shy away from this option because of the permanent enamel removal. But most folks
who want the smile of their dreams consider this a worthwhile sacrifice.
Carefully discuss all the treatment options available with your dentist, then decide the best one for
A dental implant replaces an extracted tooth with an artificial tooth root, like a screw, that is
surgically inserted in the jawbone.
Because surgery is required, the process takes several steps:
Consultation, X-rays, Impressions, Tooth extraction, Implant placement, Permanent crown.

How does a dental bridge compare to a dental implant?
While dental implants are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement, they may not be
suitable for everyone. Dental bridges may be a more acceptable option for your specific needs.
Seek advice from your dental professional so you can work together on a treatment plan perfectly
suited to you.
Little teeth, from natural shape, wear and tear, create a gummy smile. Many people with this never
consider cosmetic treatment. However, creating larger-looking teeth is a relatively simple procedure
that requires only a few visits to complete.
Another option to address small teeth is gum reshaping. This process is an essential part of fitting
porcelain veneers or crowns. If you’re unhappy with the size or length of your teeth, this may be the
perfect option.
Also known as gum contouring, the treatment often involves a single visit to the dental office.
Another positive aspect of this is that it’s permanent, since gum tissue doesn’t regrow.
Most of us want a beautiful smile. And the great news is that achieving one isn’t nearly as difficult as
you might think!
So many concerns with our natural teeth can be resolved with a smile makeover, such as:
Missing teeth, Decayed or eroded teeth, Stained or discoloured teeth, a gummy smile or small teeth,
crooked teeth, bad spacing between teeth.
Just formulating a makeover plan is exciting. Imagine how you’ll feel once your smile makeover
treatment is completed and you dazzle even yourself with the final results!
At Molars, we believe that a complete smile makeover will make the flaws disappear.
In just a few visits and carefully selected cosmetic dentistry procedures, not only will your
appearance be transformed, but your confidence will be lifted.
Our team has 15 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry. And what’s more, we focus on taking a
biological, holistic approach to your smile makeover that will complement your uniqueness without
harming your health.
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