When it comes to your smile, you want to protect your teeth and gums so that you can keep your natural teeth as long as possible with the help of daily oral hygiene and regular professional dental cleanings and exams. But what happens when you lose a tooth, whether to decay, injury or extraction? Replacing the tooth will not only ensure your smile stays complete and healthy-looking but function optimally to keep your facial structure looking youthful. Molars Dental Practice provides dental crowns to cap a lost tooth, covering the entire surface from the gums upward. With the help of a dental crown, your smile can once again look complete as the tooth is restored to its normal size, shape, and function.

Our dental crowns are made from only premium materials so that you don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to your new crown. Ideally, you want your new dental crown to last for many years. By restoring your tooth with a zirconia or porcelain crown, you can be sure that it will not only look beautiful and natural but that it will also be long-lasting.

Our skilled and experienced dentists work to make sure that your new tooth will blend into your smile while maintaining your facial structure. We want to make sure your dental crown looks and feels natural. We design and create your crown to perfection in our in-house lab, and if you need a temporary crown while your permanent one is being created, we can make sure you have one.

Our dental specialists have decades of experience creating tooth replacement options and will bring our expertise to yours as well. Your crown will be made to fit perfectly and look like your natural tooth with its precise fit.

With over 15 years of combined experience, our dental lab technicians are able to design and shade your crown to fit the shape and colour of your teeth. We always want to make sure your final crown is perfect!

If you live in Nairobi, Mombasa, or the surrounding areas and are looking to replace a tooth with a dental crown, we invite you to give our dental practice a call today. Book your appointment with Molars Dental Practice and see for yourself why we are considered the best dental practice in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kenya as a whole!